Aerial Advertising in Barcelona

Helipistas offers the best aerial advertising services on Barcelona for over 10 years. All services we performed are recognized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and respect all national rules related with aerial advertising.

We specialize in aerial advertising banners and suspended signs that go from 100m2 to 480m2.

In our private heliport we do all the preparation before the assembly of the banner which will be suspended in one of our 8 helicopters that are reserved for this service.

Advantages of helicopter aerial advertising:

- Great visual impact.
- Fast return on investment.
- Low cost for each impact.
- Unusual advertising.
- Very high brand recall.

The helicopter banner advertising creates a visual impact that makes easy to recall the brand and at same time it’s an unusual mean of communication that involves a break from the usual aerial advertising. It is also a type of advertising that offers a distraction; it entertains and leads to talk about.

Potential audience in Spain is 8-10 million people
a day in relaxed and receptive attitude. (High season)


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Helicopter aerial advertising gives a return on investment that goes beyond the cost per impact, reflected in the income of companies that rely on this media.

Helipistas, SL. Heliport Teresa Vilà Ullastrell 08231 (Barcelona) +34 937.304.911 [email protected]