Helicopter rental in  all the towns  of Ibiza.

Individuals and companies are using the Helitaxi to  move
comfortably and safely.

During the flight, you will be able to enjoy seeing the island of  
Ibiza from the air.


We pick you up at the agreed place and transport you in the fastest way.

By simply  sending a location via Whatsapp  to one of the telephone  numbers (+34) 678 073 685  and  (+34) 676 008 998 , the Operations Department will assess the suitability of picking up the proposed site.

It can be the address, the hotel where they are or the company where they want to be picked up.

We list examples of possible exit points: 

  • Flight Costa Brava – Ibiza – Costa Brava
  • Flight Barcelona – Ibiza – Barcelona
  • Flight Tarragona – Ibiza – Tarragona
  • Flight Lleida – Ibiza – Lleida
  • Flight La Seu/Andorra – Ibiza – La Seu/Andorra
  • Flight Baqueira – Ibiza – Baqueira
  • Flight Zaragoza – Ibiza – Zaragoza
  • Flight Teruel – Ibiza – Teruel
  • Flight Ibiza – Menorca – Ibiza
  • Flight Valencia – Ibiza – Valencia
  • Flight Benidorm – Ibiza – Benidorm
  • Flight Murcia – Ibiza- Murcia


We take you to Ibiza by private helicopter.

As in the Origin, you can  send the location by Whatsapp  to one of the telephone  numbers (+34) 678 073 685  and  (+34) 676 008 998 , to assess its suitability. 

They can be homes, hotels, restaurants…

You can consult our Customer Service Department, the hotels, restaurants, wineries, etc. where your operation is already approved.

The Company, prior coordination, makes a rental vehicle available to passengers  at the point where they have landed , so that you have the mobility you need.

This rental vehicle can be returned at the car rental service office network or if they hire the return service at the agreed landing point.

helitaxi teruel - helitaxi castellón - helitaxi zaragoza - helitaxi huesca


Available for  3 and 4 passengers .

Consult weight and baggage limitations for each flight.

Passengers  older than 2 years .

There is no policy for passengers with reduced mobility.

Flight limitation  only during the day .


Feel free to contact and fly with us.

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