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Aircraft management (CAMO)

The Department of engineering of Helipistas SL (CAMO) works within the framework of European EASA regulations, and applies it to both the company's helicopters and private clients.

1. The work carried out is basically focused on the management of aircraft for which we have the corresponding approval from TO THAT. Airworthiness management has different branches, independent but intertwined with each other.

  • Control of Technical Publications.
  • Maintenance program. Approval, management and planning.
  • Control of Rotables.
  • Control of modifications, Service Bulletins, and Airworthiness Directives.
  • Technical records. Creation, development, control and archiving.
  • Procedures with Civil Aviation. Aircraft documents (Registration Certificates, Airworthiness, Noise, Station License, Maintenance Program, MEL, …)

2. The aeronautical maintenance industry provides a narrow margin of maneuver between regulations, so the Engineering department also interacts with the State, the manufacturer and the operator. Within this perspective, Helipistas manages the relationship with the maintenance centers, the aeronautical training required of workers in the sector and especially of the personnel who certify the maintenance tasks carried out on the aircraft. Helipistas also makes reports for helicopter modifications.

Airworthiness certificate

He airworthiness certificate It is a requirement that seeks to maintain the level of safety of aircraft, through the control of its maintenance program. It is a requirement to have exhaustive control of the aircraft records, inspect them, and verify that they are physically complied with. This type of management is carried out continuously up to a certain level, and every three years, up to a full inspection level.


Airworthiness review certificate              Airworthiness certificate             CAMO              Station License              Maintenance Program              MEL

Minor modifications              Noise Certification              Certificate of registration 

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