Advanced Inspection with LIDAR Technology

lidar mounted on a helipad helicopter

State-of-the-art inspection service

Discover how our LIDAR technology can address specific problems

in different sectors, from infrastructure inspection to agriculture

precision, safety and emergency response.

Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
Intensity Maps

Ready to take advantage of the LIDAR revolution?

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LIDAR Advantages

At Helipistas we offer a personalized service that provides exceptional precision in the capture of information, allowing the accurate representation of environments and objects in 3D.

Mobility and access to remote areas
Quick problem detection
Efficient planning and management
Data capture speed
Reduction and anticipation of risk
Potential for future applications
High resolution and precision
Preservation of natural resources
Versatility in applications

High Fidelity Data Derived Products:

Discover a variety of highly precise and useful products:

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (MDS): Details for urban planning and landscape management.
  • Thermal Maps: Identification of heat leaks and hot spots for energy and environmental applications.
  • High Resolution Images: Detailed photographs for visual inspection and detection of environmental changes.
  • Dense Point Clouds: Detailed analysis of infrastructure, vegetation and topographic elements.


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