External charging by helicopter

external charging helicopter

Transport of materials with external load by helicopter

He transportation of materials or external cargo by helicopter It is ideal for transporting goods of all kinds to the most inaccessible places.

Helipistas SL carries out the transportation of materials with a helicopter specially prepared for this purpose, achieving maximum efficiency in transportation and maximum safety.

External loading by helicopter is ideal for carrying construction material, high mountain supplies, concrete and all types of materials that can or must be transported to areas with difficult pedestrian access or difficult access for land vehicles.

The external loads on helicopter They can carry from 100 kilograms of material per trip with a helicopter Robinson R22, up to 300 kilograms at the same time in a Robinson R44.

Helipistas SL has more than 10 years of experience in transporting materials by helicopter, which guarantees our professionalism.

helicopter external charge helicopter external charge helicopter external charge
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