Helicopter aerial work and new rates

Helipistas SL's helicopter aerial work has new rates for individuals and companies to be even more competitive.

The adjustment in rates may affect the aerial photography, the aerial filming, the feasibility inspections, the external load and any other aerial work performed with the company.

aerial photography

The aerial photography with a helicopter is the standard for jobs that require maximum stability whatever the position and angle required.
At Helipistas SL we work with professionals in the photography sector, who are aware of the advantages that our light helicopters offer both for their maneuverability and their reduced cost.

Professional services:

  • Aerial photography for sporting events
  • Aerial photography for editorials.
  • Aerial photography for monitoring works.
  • Aerial photography for land prospecting.
  • Aerial photography for infrastructure control.

aerial filming

The company Helipistas SL is specialized in helicopter aerial filming with gyro-stabilized cameras, and provides services in different areas with the High Definition system Cineflex V14HDDifferent installation configurations are offered both in our helicopters and in other models, incorporating complete HD monitoring systems with “waveforms” support.

Feasibility inspections

Helipistas perform services aerial observation and patrol of all types of infrastructure and land for public and private sector companies.

To achieve this, we not only have helicopters specially prepared for aerial observation, but we also have cutting-edge material and software to satisfy the most demanding clients.

external load

External load on helicopter is ideal for carrying construction material, high mountain supplies, concrete and all types of materials that can or must be transported to areas with difficult pedestrian access or difficult access for land vehicles.

The external loads on helicopter They can carry from 100 kilograms of material per trip with a Robinson R22 helicopter, up to 300 kilograms at the same time in a Robinson R44.


In this way Helipistas SL adjusts to the current situation of the country, making the helicopter an even more attractive means of aerial work.

*The new prices for helicopter aerial work will be officially updated in the coming days.

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