Helicopter rental in Barcelona

Helipistas allows you the helicopter rental with pilot to go wherever you want. You can fly by helicopter throughout the national territory and also abroad. We use most of the airports in the AENA network, spread throughout Spain, and also many heliports and international airports.

The private helicopter rental is called Helitaxi and you can discover it here: helicopter rental

Helicopter rental in Barcelona It has never been so easy.

  • Helicopter to go skiing:

Skip the road queues, rent a helicopter with us and let us fly you to the ski slopes.

  • Helicopter to go play golf.

Arrive with class to your golf game, renting a helicopter at Helipistas gives you the opportunity to fly to many golf courses spread throughout the national territory.

  • Helicopter to go to a hotel.

If you want to do something special, fly your partner, friends or family renting a helicopter to go to a hotel. There are many hotels to choose from, make your proposal!

  • Helicopter to go to a restaurant.

It is also possible rent a helicopter to go to your favorite restaurant! Suggest a restaurant and we'll take care of the rest.

He helicopter rental in Barcelona It can be done in a personalized way by calling directly to 93 730 49 11.

*Since not all hotels, restaurants, golf courses, etc. are prepared to land helicopters, Helipistas can recommend some that are prepared, giving a viable alternative to your proposal. 

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