Helicopter to Baqueira with the online Helitaxi service

Now we can go by helicopter to Baqueira Beret! The Barcelona Helicopters Helitaxi service takes you to Baqueira from different points in the territory. You can get better information on the Baqueira promotion website: Getting to Baqueira by helicopter

Barcelona HelicoptersBaqueira Beret helicopter has renewed its website, which is still in beta version, but through it you can now make Helitaxi flight reservations. Now you can purchase helicopter tickets through the web as if it were a plane flight, just as easy and just as comfortable.

There are a variety of points from where you can take off and start your flight. These points are classified as airports and heliports, hotels, restaurants, ski slopes, golf courses, wine cellars and other cultural destinations or points of origin. You can also start your flight from your location or simply look for the best take-off site among the options available on the web.

More information on the Baqueira promotion website:

Getting to Baqueira by helicopter

You can discover this Helitaxi service and many more by exploring the options on the web, don't miss it!



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