The first Montserrat 360º virtual tour

He first virtual tour Montserrat 360º by helicopter has been created by Helipistas SL and the company Noupunt, specialized in 360° photography, along with the support of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (CPU).

Access to the virtual route is done through our tourist flight sales portal

The application, which is accessible from any device connected to the network, allows you to get an idea of what can be seen on the Route to Montserrat that Helipistas SL offers on its Barcelona Helicopters website.

It is the first time that Montserrat Mountain can be observed by everyone from an aerial perspective with this level of detail and freedom of movement.

From the first visualization of Montserrat in 360º you can also access a panoramic Giga image of the Montserrat mountain where you can see the massif in detail from its most famous and photographed side.

Flying virtually through Montserrat you can reach the Helipistas SL heliport where you can freely view the helicopters that the company uses for tourist flights in 360 degrees, both outside and inside.

The Helipistas marketing department has made it possible to create this university project by providing the necessary air resources for its development.

High resolution application:

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